Beary Snowy Day – New In Stores! (FREEBIE!)

This time last week, here in North Carolina, we were treated with a rare “Winter Weather Event”.  We had SNOW! Glorious, beautiful, sparkling, white snow…and about 2 inches of ice, but we will ignore that part and look only at the positive!  Those of you who live where snow is a fact of life for most, if not all, of winter do not seem to appreciate snow like we do here in the South.

YES! We know you roll your eyes at us when our world shuts down and comes to a halt over “a few flakes,” but guess what!!  We don’t really care, because on the rare occasions that we get it, snow is a beautiful and welcome intrusion. Yes, we take great pride in building our 4 inch snowman. Yes, we will use any resources available and any semblance of a hill to sled while the ground is white: trash can lids, baking pans, anything flat and large enough to fit a bottom is probably going to get at least one run, quite possibly behind a 4-wheeler or even the family dog. In the South, we LOVE snow days! It gives us an excuse to be carefree and child-like in our enthusiasm and for us, these opportunities are fleeting.

When I had my fill of cold nose and fingers, I sat down at my computer and put together this Beary Snowy Day Scrap Kit, Word Art Pack and Textured Paper Pack to help scrap the memories associated with snowy days. I used soft colors and adorable Kristi W. snow bears to create this cute little set, which is now available in stores.

Beary Snowy Day Scrap Kit by RayesDesign - available in full-size and tagger!
Beary Snowy Day Word Arts by RayesDesign - available in full-size and tagger!
Beary Snowy Day Textured Papers by RayesDesign - available in full-size and tagger!
There are two coordinated Alpha sets available, as well.
Beary Snowy Day Alpha Set1 by RayesDesign - Available in full-size and tagger!Beary Snowy Day Alpha Flair Set2 by RayesDesign - Available in full-size and tagger!
Check them out in the following stores:
RayesDesign @ Wilma4Ever RayesDesign @ TKO Scraps RayesDesign @ Digi Graphic Designs RayesDesign @ DigitalDesignerResources
I made this adorable frame cluster to help you get a quick start on scrapping your own Beary Snowy Day fun! Simply click the preview image below for direct download.
Beary Snowy Day Frame Cluster Freebie by RayesDesign-Click for direct download!
I wish you all the exuberance and unmitigated joy of a Beary Snowy Day and and as always…
Happy Scrappin’ Ya’ll!!

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