30 Days of Gratitude – Day 8

Today is the eighth of my “30 Days of Gratitude” daily gratitude journal quick page give away. If you’ve just found this, it isn’t too late to grab the earlier daily downloads, all current gratitude journal daily downloads will remain available until Monday, November 9th.  After that point, each daily download will only be available for three days. Each day in November, I’ll be offering a print-size (8.5×11) quick page with a writing prompt, which at the end of the month will become a 30-page gratitude journal. Click on the image below to download today’s quick page.

Day 8 Writing Prompt: An Unexpected Moment

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 8

So a couple months back, during a particularly high-frequency of doctor visits and procedures, I was scheduled for a transesophageal endoscopy (fancy words for ramming a camera down my throat to look at my innards)…anyway, a couple things you should probably know about me to put this into perspective…1. I dislike/am scared of new doctors. It usually takes me quite a while to build up confidence in a doctor, especially when I know absolutely no one in that particular clinic. 2. I’ve already mentioned that I’m a singer, so this whole concept of “someone I don’t know or trust is going to be jamming something down my throat in the vicinity of my vocal cords” was probably the most terrifying, anxiety-inducing anticipation I have ever experienced. BUT 3. I have learned over and over in the last 10 months, having any answers is much better than guessing games or not knowing what’s going on, so I fought through the panic and the many urges to turn myself right around, go home and hide under the bed and I set about walking into the hospital to have this procedure done.

On the walk from the parking deck into the hospital, just as I was sure I couldn’t take another forward step, I heard my name called, rather tentatively, and turned to find a lady from my church. I have been a member there for over 20 years, and she for just over a year, but since I am usually in the choir loft and she’s usually in the congregation, we had never actually met, until 2 days before this particular procedure at a different service than either of us usually attend. She was walking into work, LATE, after having been delayed by a seemingly random set of events that put her directly behind me on my walk to the torture chamber, I mean procedure. We talked for just a minute, because, as I said, she was running late, but she could tell that I was a flight risk. At the end of that brief conversation, she said “I’ll pray you through this, try not to worry” and instantly my anxiety level dropped to almost manageable. I was almost calm by the time I got to the clinic waiting room, but when it came time to go back into the procedure room, my panic level once again began a not-so-slow and steady assent.

When I got into the procedure room, there were 2 nurses and an ultrasound tech making preparations for my procedure. The first nurse was training the second, and this was the second nurse’s very first procedure…another “coincidence” right? Well once again, I was obviously telegraphing my anxiety so the first nurse started off with idle chit-chat, then eased into the “is this still your birthday, is this still your phone number, is this still your address” line of questioning that happens at least once during every single appointment…speaking of the comfort of routine! Anyway, when she said my address, the second nurse perked up and said “Oh my, we’re practically neighbors!”, as she had just the previous week moved into the neighborhood less than a mile from my home. I immediately calmed down again and a few minutes later they hooked me up to the goofy juice.

They said I wouldn’t remember anything, but I actually remember the entire procedure, everything that happened, everything that was said, including the tone of surprise in the voice of the cardiologist when he found my heart to be in perfect, undamaged condition. The overwhelming sense of peace I experienced during this procedure could logically and rationally be attributed to the medication, I get that, but my “perfect” heart knows better.

I have never believed in the concept of “coincidence” and this particular morning further proved my theory: that “coincidence” is just the manifestation of God moving through my life exactly when and exactly how I need, putting people, circumstances and seemingly random events together in a way that brings exactly what I need, exactly when I need it. Needless to say, the procedure went fine, I passed all my tests with much better than expected results and got some much needed answers to a few of the questions that were plaguing my existence up until that point.

Today I am thankful for the multitude of earthly angels that “coincidence” has put in my path throughout my life, especially my personal angels, Marcella, Ron and Philip, who have popped up directly on my path to various appointments and procedures, almost always at that pivotal moment between flight and follow-through.

I hope you’re playing along and will continue to gather gratitude with me throughout the month of November.

Happy Scrappin’ Ya’ll

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