30 Days of Gratitude – Day 5

Today is the fifth of my “30 Days of Gratitude” daily gratitude journal quick page give away. If you’ve just found this, it isn’t too late to grab the earlier daily downloads, but links are only good for 3 days. Each day in November, I’ll be offering a print-size (8.5×11) quick page with a writing prompt, which at the end of the month will become a 30-page gratitude journal. Click on the image below to download today’s quick page.

Day 5 Writing Prompt: A Favorite Childhood Memory

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 5

My favorite childhood memory comes back to both my love of music and my love of family. Christmas at Grandmother’s (before everyone got too ‘grown up’ to participate) meant singing around the old pump organ that sat in her front room. My grandmother instilled a love of music into all of her children, teaching them to sing in parts and making sure they all learned to play an instrument. She also made sure that my brother and I joined the band at school and choir at church (not sure about the other cousins). There was always music around my grandmother, whether it was singing Christmas carols, humming or singing through chores, or that crazy whistle skill she had, where it seemed like she was whistling in 3 part harmony. Today I am thankful for these sweet childhood memories full of love, full of family and full of music.

I hope you’re playing along and will continue to gather gratitude with me throughout the month of November.

Happy Scrappin’ Ya’ll

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    HypnoDebbie says:

    Thank you! This is so fun.

  3. Thank you again!