30 Days of Gratitude – Day 4

Today is the fourth of my “30 Days of Gratitude” daily gratitude journal quick page give away. If you’ve just found this, it isn’t too late to grab the earlier daily downloads, but links are only good for 3 days. Each day in November, I’ll be offering a print-size (8.5×11) quick page with a writing prompt, which at the end of the month will become a 30-page gratitude journal. Click on the image below to download today’s quick page.

Day 4 Writing Prompt: Family

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 4

Family is probably the most important thing in my little world and when I say “family” I don’t just mean my immediate family (parents, brothers), but also my crazy extended family of cousins, second-cousins (they’re all just ‘cousins’ to me), aunts, uncles in all the variations and extensions. Growing up, we came to visit my grandparents (both sets) at least 2 weekends out of every month and for every major holiday. There was rarely a weekend when there was not at least one other set of the first cousins there at the same time. Seven of the 10 of us are within 3 years of each other. For the most part, we even got along…at least that’s the way I remember it, but that might just be senility setting in…lol. By the time I got out of high school, the majority of my friends were out of contact with most of their siblings and had no understanding of my big, close, extended family. Since my grandparents have all passed away, some of us have lost touch, but thankfully Facebook helps most of us continue to stay connected and when we do have the opportunity to gather together, we can enjoy the love and camaraderie of close family. Today I’m especially thankful for my parents and their unwavering support, my brother, who puts up with a lot of my crazy and barely blinks an eye anymore, my other sorta-brother, who I barely see anymore (pout), and all those cousins (first, second, twelvth…whatever) who make my memories sweet and fill my Facebook feed with their lives.

I hope you’re playing along and will continue to gather gratitude with me throughout the month of November.

Happy Scrappin’ Ya’ll

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    Thank You.

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