30 Days of Gratitude – Day 3

Today is the third of my “30 Days of Gratitude” daily gratitude journal quick page give away. If you’ve just found this, it isn’t too late to grab the first two daily downloads, but links are only good for 3 days. Each day in November, I’ll be offering a print-size (8.5×11) quick page with a writing prompt, which at the end of the month will become a 30-page gratitude journal. Click on the image below to download today’s quick page.

Day 3 Writing Prompt: My Special Partner

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 3

OK…I have to be honest here, I debated on whether to put this prompt in at all, since I really don’t have a spouse, “significant other” or romantic/love interest. However, most of you probably DO have this very important person in your life, so it would be a major oversight to omit them from your gratitude journal.

For my own purposes, I have two “special partners”. The first, Trey, is my little grey & white, camo-kitty, who meows like a fire-whistle, has a deep and abiding love for fuzzy blankets and loves to cuddle (particularly when I need to be doing ANYTHING else). My second “special partner” is Kathie, of Kathie Stevens Designs. Though hundreds of miles away, she always seems to know when I need a word of encouragement or a verbal kick in the pants to keep me motivated and productive. She has been an amazing mentor and a tremendous resource on this relatively new journey toward becoming a successful scrap designer. So, like you all, I am thankful for these most important “special partners”.

I hope you’re playing along and will continue to gather gratitude with me throughout the month of November.

Happy Scrappin’ Ya’ll

4 Responses to 30 Days of Gratitude – Day 3

  1. Avatar HypnoDebbie
    HypnoDebbie says:

    I just found your daily gratitude downloads. What an awesome idea! Thank you so much for making it available for three days or I would have missed it! Thank you for these beautiful pages to make a wonderful gratitude journal.

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  3. Awww, Raye…thank you <3

    You are an incredibly special friend to me too and definitely
    a wonderful 'Special Partner' You're an amazing designer
    and I have loved watching you grow and I especially Love
    all your wonderful and unique ideas you come up with for
    your designs. What you have made for your 30 days of gratitude
    is a shining example of that. Thank you so very much for these
    beautiful pages. ~Hugs My Friend~

  4. Glad you did and thank you.