New Graduation WimZs KidZ ™ Templates

So every other picture on my Facebook timeline is some sort of graduation: high school, middle school, elementary school, even kindergarten. My new little friends, the WimZs KidZ ™ got jealous and wanted to have their own special celebration, so I got busy drawing a cap, gown, diploma and banner for them to wear for their graduation! Use these templates to match your WimZs KidZ graduation clip arts to your own little (or big) graduate’s school colors. Layered templates allow for complete customization. Come and check them out in the stores now.
WimZs KidZ (tm) Graduation Clothing & Accessories Templates

Happy Scrappin’ Ya’ll!!

One Response to New Graduation WimZs KidZ ™ Templates

  1. Avatar BlueCat
    BlueCat says:

    Great templates!
    We don’t have graduation celebrations in France 🙁