A week of excitement & super cute freebies!!!

A couple really exciting things happened to me this past week and I can’t wait to share!!

First, while searching for inspiration on Pinterest in the wee small hours of last Saturday morning, I found a whole group of pins by COMPLETE STRANGERS back to my blog and my freebies!! I proceeded to completely geek out and bounce around like a hyper 4 year old on a sugar rush because people actually like my stuff: things that I created with my two little hands!

THEN…later that same evening, I was invited to join the creative team for the very talented and super sweet Kathie of Kathie Stevens Designs. She’s been so awesome: taking me under her wing and answering a billion and one questions! I love the kits that she is featuring in her stores this weekend:
Kathie Stevens Designs Featured Kit Preview

To help celebrate, I made a couple matching quick pages to give away. You can pick up the quick page freebie for Penguin Pizzazz Pals here by clicking the preview below. And, if you head on over to Kathie’s blog, you can get the Lucky Baby Minty Bear quick page as a freebie from her!

Penguin Pizzazz Pals Quick Page Freebie

I hope you enjoy the pages, and if you’re interested in grabbing the featured kits, you can find them in the following stores:
Kitten Scraps Shoppe

I’m extremely honored and excited to be stepping out on this new venture with Kathie. I know already that I will learn a lot as a member of her creative team and from the bazillion more questions I’ll get to ask her over the next day or week or so (have to pace myself so as not to wear out my welcome, ya know 😉 )

Enjoy the freebie and head on over to Kathie’s blog to grab the other, as well!


2 Responses to A week of excitement & super cute freebies!!!

  1. You won’t wear out your welcome with me! LOL!

    You are very talented and I love your enthusiasm. If you
    have questions….fire away and I’ll do my best to answer
    them. Thanks so very much for your help. I love your
    Quick Pages…they are Adorable! 🙂

  2. Congrats Raye! Both on finding yourself (hee hee) and on being asked to be part of a new creative team. Good luck!